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After Training Support

Following your training - whether you attended one of our public courses, or we trained you at your university or company, or you received 1-1 tailored training, you will received support that is unrivalled in the market place. When you call for help via email or by phone, we will remote access your computer to see and understand your need and fix it.

For assistance, contact our support team via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by phone - 01704 821120

Alternatively you may request an appointment for us to call you back.

We have also put together a wealth of teaching and learning resources on our website to support you.

For further information please contact us. 


What do you think about the training or service you received? 

It is very important that we get it right for you. Your feedback is the only means for us to measure the quality of training and support you have received. We value your suggestions and comments greatly. 

Please give us your feedback. Thank you. 


FREE Learning Resources

 A Basic Guide to Choosing Statistical Test

This basic guide to choosing a statistical test is a simple guided sheet of how to select the appropriate statistical test for your data analysis. If you are a novice, this is a great 'foolproof' guide. If you are an advance user, this is a great reminder. Sometimes you just can't remember 'which one' or the name of the statistics to use.

Questionnaire Design made Simple
A good and pain-free data analysis depends on a skilful data collection. These notes will ensure you are equipped with the skills to collect good data.