Option 4 - One-to-one Statistical Support or Training


If you choose a face-to-face training session, it will be at our office in Rufford, Lancashire L40 1TE. If this is not possible, or you choose the remote session over the internet via GoToMeeting Citrix Online conference software in a secured and private online meeting room. You will be sent a 9 digit meeting id to connect with your tutor. You share your screen with your tutor and your tutor, with you. if you have SPSS installed on your computer, the training can take place on your computer otherwise, you will be invited to your tutor's computer for the training.  You will need an internet connection with headphones. 

We prefer to give you a 20 minutes FREE taster session for you to experience the remote session for you to judge the quality of the remote session, and also to see if its a best medium for you.  This option may save you travelling time than a face-to-face session.

Both face-to-face and remote session is charged at an hourly rate of £45+VAT for Students and £65+VAT for non-students. Note non-UK clients do not pay the VAT. We recommend, you buy 2 or 4-hours plan.  that will take you from the beginning of the job to your write-up. You will be sent a copy of a comprehensive workbook (120 page book) by post or email a pdf version if you prefer.

You could arrange for the FREE 20 minutes taster session in conjunction with your first hour meeting. You are FREE to arrange your time to maximise and stretch it to the end of your job.


Consulting Booking Request

Please use the consulting request form, to specify your preferred mode, times, dates and payment details. Email the completed form to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for confirmation of your appointment. 

To talk to us about one-one, please contact us or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.