Survival Analysis - Life Tables, Kaplan-Meier and Cox Regression - 1 day course

This course is sub-divided into the following three Lessons: 

  1. Prepare your data for modeling.
  2. Generate tables, curves and statistical tests.
  3. Evaluate the Model fit. 


In preparing your data for modeling, you will be  shown how to:

  • Compute the time variable from two set of date variables.
  • Code the status variable as binary, 1 is event and 0 is no event.
  • Decide on your prognostic factors if applicable.


You will generate tables, curves and statistics

  • Life Tables.
  • Kaplan-Meier estimates.
  • survival curves and Log-rank and
  • other statistics to explore differences in survivals.


You will evaluate the Model fitness

  • Assess the fitness of the model
  • Interpret the fitted model.