Helping to make your data analysis stress-free


Our focus is on personalised training and excellent support on NVivo and SPSS Statistics softwares. We deliver flexible and responsive solutions for all your qualitative and statistical data analysis needs. Delivering professional consultancy and training with 29 years of experience.


We deliver :

♦ Client site training on QSR NVivo Software and IBM SPSS Statistics software. 

♦ Schedule public training courses on QSR NVivo Software and  IBM SPSS Statistics  in many cities across the UK.  

♦ 1-1 tailored NVivo training and SPSS Training - face-to-face, or via screen sharing. 


Our Clients are: Universities, NHS researchers, Government, Human Resources, Training Companies, Research Organisations. We train PhD students, Researchers, Academics, Medical researchers and human resource(HR) teams.   

We are available to travel to Europe

Here is what you get from our services-:

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